Advantages of Massage Therapy

Advantages of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a treatment that can help loosen and release tension and reduce chronic pain, providing you with more mobility and more ability to participate in important activities like physical therapy that can bring long-term benefits. The type of massage and whether it’s appropriate for you depend on several factors.

Types of Massage

There are a variety of styles of massage, each with particular goals and outcomes. A gentle massage that utilizes long strokes, and sometimes includes vibration, is sometimes known as a Swedish massage. It is intended to relax and energize. A more

Advantages of Massage Therapy

intense deep massage targets the deeper levels of muscle,  ligaments and tendons to release tension and help the body heal from injury or trauma. A trigger point massage focuses on a specific area to release the tension and “knots” that sometimes cause chronic pain. One common goal of all massage is to relax the recipient and to relieve pain and tension.


A massage helps to release the body’s natural “feel good” hormone- serotonin. The hormone not only decreases pain and releases tension, it allows you to sleep more deeply and longer. With an increase in deep, quality sleep, patients experience less pain and better moods. With reduced pain, you’re better able to participate in physical activities like therapy that help strengthen the muscles and improve mobility. An improvement in overall mood, reduction of anxiety and depression, and a feeling of wellbeing all go along with the release of serotonin as well.

Increased Circulation

Not only does massage help reduce pain and improve your mood and sense of wellbeing, the benefits of the physical stimulation extend to the heart and cardiovascular system. The release of tension helps lower blood pressure, and the stimulation of the massage improves circulation to the areas targeted, speeding healing. Massage is a comfortable, non-invasive treatment that has multiple benefits. Talk to your doctor today about whether massage is the right therapy for you.

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