Caudal Epidural Injections in Charleston, SC

Caudal Epidural Injections in Charleston, SC

Back and leg pain can stem from a number of causes. When a disc is damaged, a nerve is pinched or under pressure due to arthritis or other degenerative conditions of the back, pain and numbness can result. The pain can make movement difficult, restricting mobility and reducing your ability to participate in physical therapy and other remedial treatments.  A caudal epidural injection can provide relief from chronic back and leg pain.

What is the Caudal Epidural Space?Caudal Epidural Injections in Charleston, SC

The caudal epidural space describes the area between the spinal cord and the bones that make up the back and neck. Nerves run from the spinal cord, out through spaces in the spinal column, traveling into the body to carry critical messages from the brain. These messages allow you to breathe, move, and preform nearly every function. When they become impinged or pinched, irritation can occur.

How can A Caudal Epidural Injection Help?

Inflammation in the nerve can cause serious pain, weakness and numbness in the back and limbs. A caudal epidural injection involves threading a thin needle into the caudal epidural space- the space around the nerves at the very lowest point in the spinal column. Medication is then injected to reduce swelling and inflammation and to prevent the nerves from sending pain signals. Steroids are commonly mixed with anesthetic medications to provide the most relief.

What to Expect

When receiving a caudal epidural injection, you may be asked to lie flat on your stomach or on your side, depending upon the injection site. A local anesthetic will be administered prior to the injection. The needle will be inserted through the sacral hiatus, into the caudal epidural space. A contrast dye and fluoroscope will be used to confirm that the needle is in the correct position before the medication is injected. The nerves will become coated with the medication, helping to alleviate the pain. The needle is then removed and a bandage applied to control bleeding. The entire procedure typically takes less than 30 minutes. Relief can take from 30 minutes to several days to fully develop, and lasts from 2-3 weeks up to several months.    

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If you’re suffering from chronic lower back and leg pain, contact Trident Pain Center to find an office near you to schedule an appointment to discuss your options and whether a caudal epidural block might be right for you. Call us at (843) 797-3636 or use our online contact form

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