Sphenocath treatment in Charleston, SC

Are You A Good Candidate For SphenoCath?

Chronic migraine and facial pain sufferers may benefit from a relatively new treatment. The SphenoCath is a treatment that delivers pain relieving medication directly to the sphenopalatine ganglion. This treatment is non-invasive and does not require the use of a needle. It is a brief procedure that provides lasting relief from migraine and other cranial facial pain.

Who is a Good Candidate for SphenoCath?Sphenocath treatment in Charleston, SC

Since SphenoCath is non-invasive and non-surgical. It is well tolerated and safe for most patients, including pregnant women and elderly patients. The directed therapy provides nearly instantaneous relief that can last up to several months. Patients who suffer from headaches, cranio-facial pain, migrains, or trigeminal neuralgia are commonly treated using SpenoCath.

If you are able to lie down on your back, with your feet slightly elevated, for less than an hour, SphenoCath may be right for you. The flexible plastic SphenoCath catheter is placed into the nasal passage, guided by a fluoroscope. The medication is delivered directly through the catheter to the target- the thin membrane over the sphenopalatine ganglion. The ganglion is a known center of nerve activity in the craniofacial area, so deadening excess activity around the ganglion provides relief from headache and other pain.

Are you Tolerant of Fluoroscopic Indicators and Medications Used?

When you come to the Trident Pain Center, we’ll complete a thorough review of your medical records to ensure that you are able to tolerate the fluoroscopic indicator and medication to be used. Most people tolerate the procedure extremely well. Normal activities can be resumed in 10-20 minutes following the procedure.

SphenoCath provides innovative and effective treatment for chronic migraines, chronic headaches, and other forms of severe and chronic facial and headache pain. Contact Trident Pain Center today to schedule your first appointment to see if SphenoCath is a good treatment option for you. 

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