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Is Your Back Pain Caused By Stress?

back painWhen you’re waking up with an aching back, or if your back pain grows worse throughout the day,the ache may be caused by muscle tension, caused by stress. Stress can cause back issues and make it worse. Understanding the mechanics and the causes of back pain can help you regain mobility and strength.

Anxiety or Injury?

It can be difficult to differentiate the causes of back discomfort. Many doctors believe that anxiety is not a direct cause of back issues, but rather that anxiety may lead to behaviors and conditions that contribute to back pain. Muscle tension alone can create extreme back pain in both the upper and lower back. The causes of pain are important to understand, since the way pain is treated will often depend on the cause.

Back Pain Caused by Stress

Anxiety may change the way you carry yourself, creating changes in your posture, causing you to slouch. It can also contribute to inactivity and hypersensitivity, which can amplify back discomfort. Back pain tends to happen in a cycle- a sufferer may adopt certain postures or avoid certain activities to try to relieve the pain, but the positions or lack of activity may actually aggravate the problem. By attempting to avoid back pain, the patient may actually be aggravating the condition.


Muscle pain is best treated with relaxers and massage as well as chiropractic interventions to realign the support structures. Physical therapy will help to strengthen the muscles that support your back and spine, making it easier for them to function effectively. Therapy may also involve self-awareness techniques, to help you be more cognizant of how you’re sitting, standing, and moving, to help keep your back healthy.

If you’re suffering from back or neck pain, call for a consultation. We’ll evaluate your condition and work together to create a personalized treatment plan for you.

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