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Ketamine Infusion | Charleston, SC

For patients suffering from chronic pain, especially those who have nerve damage or complex regional pain syndrome, ketamine infusion, administered over multiple days, may reduce and even eliminate symptoms. Studies show a significant reduction in pain over time with ketamine infusion treatments and this treatment is offered at Trident Pain Center in Charleston, SC

About Ketamine Infusion

When your doctor recommends ketamine infusion, you’ll schedule an outpatient appointment. The infusion is administered via IV by a nurse, while cardiac and lung functions are monitored. One of the prime benefits of ketamine is the lack of respiratory depression. It was originally used on the battlefields in the 1970s for its effective and safe anesthetic affect. Ketamine takes effect within minutes or hours of administration, and the effects can last for days and even months.

Chronic pain sufferers may be familiar with the idea of a pain “wind up”- the effect in which the brain perceives persistent pain as more severe, until even normally non-painful stimuli produces a severe pain response. Ketamine infusion is thought to prevent this process by attaching to a molecule on the spinal cord called the NMDA receptor, which blocks its action.

Possible Side Effects

While side effects are normally mild, there is the possibility that some patients will experience psychological results, including vivid dreams, anxiety, panic attacks, and even hallucinations. Regular monitoring is necessary to ensure that the patient is tolerating the treatment well. Your doctor will be able to discuss the options that are most appropriate for you and your case specifically.

Ketamine Infusion – Charleston, SC

The Trident Pain Treatment Center team is here to help you manage chronic pain and provide you with top notch patient care. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or to learn more about the ketamine infusion service we offer.

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