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Medication Management | Charleston, SC

Medication is just one of the treatment options for chronic pain. Medication management is important because over time, narcotics can lose their ability to mask chronic pain. With careful management, this dulling can be avoided, keeping medications effective and pain under control.


One alternative or supplement to medication for chronic pain management is therapy. Living with chronic pain can lead to anxiety and depression. A qualified therapist with experience and an understanding of the challenges faced by chronic pain sufferers can help by shifting the perspective of the patient, and improving the understanding of pain. In addition to emotional support, therapy can help with education and pain reduction through changes in lifestyle.

Regular Evaluations

Your medical team will periodically review your medications and help determine which are effective and which can be reduced or discontinued. Opiates have side effects which may make them undesirable in the long term. Anticonvulsants, so called because they’re used in other settings to reduce seizures, may be used to reduce nerve oversensitivity, reducing pain. This may be more effective than simply “covering” the pain with an opioid. By adjusting medication doses and monitoring usage, it may be possible to utilize a combination of medication and other therapies to reduce dependence upon opioids.

Alternative Therapies

One of the alternative therapies we use to supplement medical intervention for chronic pain is massage therapy. Massage therapy has been shown to help aid in relaxation and reduce chronic pain. It has the additional advantage of helping the patient to relax and may increase mobility and the ability to engage in physical therapy and other light exercise.

Medication Management

The Trident Pain Treatment Center team is here to help you manage chronic pain and provide you with top notch patient care. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or to learn more about treatment options for chronic pain.

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