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Peripheral Nerve Block

Peripheral nerve blocks are injected directly into the area surrounding a specific nerve pathway, to deaden the pain in a particular area of the body. It is sometimes used as an anesthetic procedure during a surgical operation, but it can also be an extremely effective option for long-term pain relief for nerve injuries related to trauma or surgery recovery.

Peripheral Nerve Blocks Charleston, SC

What Kinds of Peripheral Nerve Blocks Are There?

Depending upon the application, the location of the injection, and the patient’s history and situation, there are several types of nerve blocks that can be utilized. Most commonly, when a peripheral nerve block is being used for pain control, the numbing medication is mixed with a steroid or other medications to reduce the damage to the nerve and to control pain signals from being transmitted to the brain. In some specific cases, cold or heat therapy may be combined with the peripheral nerve block to provide relief for up to six to nine months.

What are the Risks?

Side effects and injuries are rare with peripheral nerve blocks. Common complications include bruising at the injection site. Since the block is administered in a sterile clinical environment, infection is rare, but it can happen. Nerve injuries are another rare complication.

In order to reduce any inflammation or bruising at the injection site, ice can be applied to the site for up to 20 minutes three times a day on the day or two following the injection.

Which Sites are Most Common?

Peripheral nerve blocks are most commonly administered in the median of the wrist or arm to control pain from carpal tunnel syndrome or other injuries, in the ilioinguinal area for groin pain following hernia surgery or other injury, and in the sciatic or femoral nerve for leg or knee pain. Other sites may be injected, depending on the patient’s specific pain and needs.

Peripheral Nerve Blocks at Trident Pain Center

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