psychological counseling charleston sc

Psychological Counseling at Trident Pain Center North Charleston

Psychological Counseling

You’ve participated in physical therapy. Your doctor has prescribed effective treatments and medications for managing your chronic pain. You’re engaging with your treatment plan and seeing improvements, even if they’re not happening as fast as you might like. So, why does your doctor want to add psychological counseling to your pain management plan? We at Trident Pain Center know that pain affects more than just the physical body. It has a biological, an emotional, and a mental component.  Psychological counseling can help address the non-physical aspects of your pain management plan.

psychological counseling charleston sc

Coping Skills

While modern treatments, nerve blocks, medications, and other treatments can help alleviate chronic pain, it may take time to get to an

 optimum level of relief. Dealing with the pain in the meantime can be very challenging. One of our counselors can not only help you express and deal with your frustration and thoughts related to the problems caused by the pain, he or she can help you learn coping skills, like breath control exercises and relaxation techniques that will help you cope with the pain while your doctor works to improve your pain control.

Relationship Challenges

Chronic pain touches every aspect of your life. Few people can truly grasp your journey, especially if they haven’t experienced chronic pain themselves. A counselor with training in pain management is uniquely positioned to understand what you’re going through and to offer support and advice you’ll find invaluable in navigating your every-day life and your relationships.

Cognitive Functioning

The way you think about your pain has a strong impact upon your experience of the pain. Psychological counseling can help you gain critical perspective, giving you the strength to keep going. Patients dealing with chronic pain may also develop depression and anxiety. A counselor can help you cope with those feelings and address those challenges as well as help you cope with your physical pain.

Psychological Counseling at Trident Pain Center

Do you think you might benefit from Psychological Counseling from Trident Pain Center? Give us a call at (843) 797-3636 or fill out our online patient referral form to schedule an appointment at one of our five locations in Charleston.

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