The Benefits of Injection Therapy

It’s a Symptom, Not the Disease

The doctors at Trident Pain Center want you to know that the pain you are experiencing is itself a symptom of an underlying condition. Pain is not a disease or condition in itself. Usually, patients experience pain as a result of poor posture, weight, congenital conditions, injury, lifestyle, or age-related conditions. Once the cause of a patient’s chronic pain is diagnosed, our physicians work to create a treatment plan that best fits the individual’s needs. One method of pain management and treatment is through neural block injection therapy.

Neural Block Injection Therapy

Neural block injection therapy is a method of managing pain through medication injections targeting specific nerves and nerve clusters that are sending pain signals to the brain. Nerve blocks allow patients more freedom of movement to do physical therapy, decrease the need for medications, and may delay or even eliminate the need for invasive surgery. One of the most well-known types of nerve block injection is an epidural, which is most often utilized during childbirth but is also utilized for patients living with chronic pain as well.

The Whole Body Approach

Trident Pain Center has several strategies they employ to help a patient better manage their pain.

Trident recognizes that pain has many side effects, not just on our bodies but on our lives. If you are constantly in pain, no matter what the cause, it will have an effect on your life. Favorite activities you used to love will become a thing of the past as you become unable to do them due to debilitating pain. Therefore, they have several complementary therapies, including medication management, psychological counseling, including behavioral therapy and coping techniques, massage therapy, or injection therapy, which will help you feel better overall.

How Neural Block Injection Therapy Works

Neural Block Injections are a regular therapy used by doctors at the Trident Pain Center. During the procedure, a needle will be inserted in between the vertebrae and into the fluid surrounding the spinal cord and nearby nerves. It is a safe, minimally invasive procedure shown to help patients by reducing their overall pain level and increasing their quality of life. Patients report they feel better almost right away, but doctors say it usually takes a week or more for full results.

Pain management has come a long way. There are now options besides risky surgery or simply “living with it.” Therapeutic injections are a proven treatment method that is safe and effective. The results are also long-lasting. The therapeutic injections available to you are dependent on many variables. The options we can offer you take into account the type of pain, its location, and any damage to your muscular-skeletal or nervous systems.

When you want safe and effective ways to get lasting, pain-relieving effects, then you definitely need to consider therapeutic injections. Many of the more invasive procedures can be avoided by turning to this option. The effectiveness of these procedures do depend on a few factors, such as where you hurt, what symptoms you experience, and how much damage your body has already endured. Turn to the Trident Pain Center. Our team looks at all of the factors that come into play with your pain and help create a treatment plan that works best to help with your specific needs.

Pain Relief from Neural Block Injecitons

If you need a total loss of feeling for a surgical procedure or you simply want to feel no pain whatsoever, and this pain is eligible, you may be a candidate for a neural block. Commonly known as a nerve block, these inject medicines that target specific nerves.

J Edward-Nolan Trident Pain CenterMeet Dr. Nolan

Dr. Nolan opened the Trident Pain Center in North Charleston in 2002. Since opening the center, it has expanded from one to multiple locations. Dr. Nolan’s success is probably due to his compassion for his patients. This translates to superior patient care. His dedication and standards of excellence are the hallmarks of his practice.

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