TPC Pharmacy

TPC Pharmacy

TPC PharmacyMedication is an important component of care for many chronic pain sufferers. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to fill prescriptions and to ensure that you’re getting the right medication when dealing with a third-party pharmacy. Good news! Trident Pan Center now has an in-house pharmacy to serve your medication needs. Our pricing is comparable to other pharmacies, and the convenience is unbeatable at TPC Pharmacy.

Continuity of Care

Since you’ll be getting your medication from the same clinic where you receive your care and treatments, you can be sure that you’re getting the exact medication prescribed, from a staff that’s familiar with your medical history and any contradictions like allergies.

In Office Prescription Filling

There’s no more need to wait for your prescription to be cleared and filled at an outside pharmacy. We’re able to get your prescription ready much more quickly and ensure you’re getting the right dose and the right quantities by filling your prescription in-house.

Quicker Mail Order Turn Around Times

Ordering through the Trident Pain Care Pharmacy ensures a faster turnaround time on your mail ordered medications. There’s no need to wait weeks for your prescription.

Free Delivery

Why pay extra for delivery? The Trident Pain Center Pharmacy delivers your medications for free.

No Trips to the Pharmacy

Did you ever notice that most drug stores place their pharmacy at the back of the store, requiring patients to make their way all the way through the store to reach the counter? There’s no more need to navigate that arduous trip. You can simply pick your medication up when you come in for a checkup or appointment.

Money Savings

With the Trident Pain Center Pharmacy, you’re able to order a 90 day supply of your medication at a time, saving on the cost of medication. This more convenient and affordable option helps ensure you’ll take your medication on time and not miss or skip doses.

Automatic Refills at TPC Pharmacy

We offer options for automatic refills, helping to ensure continuity in your medication supply and to help you remain on the recommended dosages for your medications.

Worker’s Comp

If you’re receiving your medical care through a worker’s compensation case, working with the pharmacy will ensure you don’t have to wait days before receiving needed medication. We process claims quickly.

If you’re a current Trident Pain Center patient, ask about having your prescriptions filled in house to save time and money.

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