Trigger Point Injections Charleston, SC

Trigger Point Injections at Trident Pain Center

Trigger Point Injections

Occasionally, due to stress or injury, muscles develop areas of extreme tension or “knots.” These extreme areas of tension can cause inflammation and irritation in nerves, which in turn carry pain messages to various areas of the body. Even though the painful area might not be near the source of pain, relief can be achieved with trigger point injections.

What Kinds of Pain Can Trigger Point Injections Relieve?

Muscle pain, back pain, and pain in the limbs are all good candidates for trigger point injection. It may also be used to treat fibromyalgia and tension headaches. Chronic pain syndrome may respond to trigger point injections. When you come in to Trident Pain Center for your consultation, we’ll preform a full evaluation and come up with a treatment plan that’s appropriate to your specific concerns and goals.Trigger Point Injections Charleston, SC

What to Expect

When you come in for a trigger point injection treatment, your experience depends upon the area being treated and the medications being used. You may be asked to sit or recline. A local anesthetic will be administered at the injection site. Your doctor will then carefully insert a small needle containing the local anesthetic, corticosteroid, or even saline solution, depending upon your treatment plan. The medication will be delivered directly to the trigger point, helping to release and relax the knotted muscle and alleviate the irritation in the nerve. Once the medication has been administered, the needle is carefully withdrawn. It may be possible to treat several sites in one visit.

Following Up after Trigger Point Injections

Following your trigger point injection procedure, relief may take 30 minutes to several days to fully develop. Usually, it only takes a few treatments to obtain sustained relief. Once relief is achieved, you may engage in physical therapy and other treatments to achieve lasting relief and to strengthen the affected area.

Call Trident Pain Center today at (843) 797-3636 or use our self referral form to make your initial appointment and to discuss whether trigger point injections therapy is the right choice to treat your chronic pain.

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