What Causes Neck/Back Pain?

First, it’s important to understand that neck/back pain is a symptom of a medical condition, not a diagnosis itself. Our providers will use a variety of techniques (including tests, imaging, and diagnostic procedures) to determine the particular medical problem causing your pain. Some of the most common causes of neck and back pain include mechanical problems (due to the way your spine moves or the way you feel when you move your spine certain ways), injuries (such as sprains or fractures) and acquired conditions (such as scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, arthritis, and spinal stenosis). In addition to knowing and understanding the physical cause of your pain, it is important to know how other factors (such as stress, untreated depression or anxiety, and insomnia) contribute to the severity and duration of your pain. To effectively treat chronic pain, you must address all aspects of your overall health and wellness.

Why Am I Being Asked To Bring A Driver?

A large majority of the procedures performed at Trident Pain Center require you to have a driver with you in the office. You will not be permitted to drive for 24 hours after your procedure due to the medication used during the procedure and the possible use of conscious sedation.

Can My Driver Leave And Come Back When The Procedure Is Over?

No, your driver will need to remain in our pain management center during your procedure. While we know that this may not be ideal for your driver, we need to be sure you have someone available to take you home as soon as you are released from our care. We also need to review post-procedure instructions with your driver prior to discharge. We cannot sedate you unless your driver is present in the building. In an effort to make your driver more comfortable while they wait, we have televisions, free internet access, snack and drink machines and free coffee available in the lobby.

Can I Have Anything To Eat Or Drink Prior To My Injection?

You may eat prior to your injection, however if you are diabetic, we recommend you avoid any food or drink which may elevate your blood sugar. Due to the possibility of medications used during the procedure elevating your blood sugar, we will check your blood sugar prior to performing the procedure and will reschedule if it is elevated.

Can I Take My Prescriptions Before Or After The Procedure?

With the exception of blood thinners, you may take your medications as prescribed. Please tell a member of our medical staff if you are on a blood thinner (additional steps may be needed). Also, any medications with a sedative effect (such as Valium) must be discussed with our staff prior to receiving conscious sedation in our office.

Can I Drive After The Procedure?

Depending upon the type of procedure and whether conscious sedation will be used during the procedure, you may or may not be permitted to drive afterwards. Our staff will inform you as to whether or not you will need to bring a driver, and if so we recommend you avoid driving for 24 hours.

How Can I Prolong The Pain Relief After The Procedure?

The most important thing to remember following an injection is to be cautious with your activities even though you may be feeling much better. It is common for patients to overexert themselves after a procedure because they are feeling better than they have in a long time. We recommend you slowly increase your activities as tolerated and continue to use ice, heat or TENS unit as needed.

How Long Will It Take Me To Experience Relief From An Injection?

While you may notice a reduction in pain within 1-2 days, it may take as much as 2 weeks to get full benefit from the injection.

How Long Will My Appointment Last?

When you are seen at Trident Pain Center, we will make every effort to evaluate you and perform the procedure the same day. (Many pain management practices perform the evaluation and you return for the procedure on another day.) It is our goal to accomplish as much as possible for you in a single visit for your convenience and for the convenience of your driver. To allow time for a thorough evaluation as well as a procedure, you can expect to be in the office for approximately 2 hours. If your insurance company requires an office visit prior to approving an injection, we will schedule your procedure as soon as authorization is received.

Can My Family Member Or Significant Other Come Into The Procedure Room During The Procedure?

Most of the procedures performed at Trident Pain Center are done using fluoroscopic imaging. Due to the risks associated with radiation exposure, no one is permitted in the fluoroscopy suite except the physician, the assistant, and the patient. However, you are welcome to have someone with you during your evaluation if you prefer.

Can A Family Member Pick Up My Prescriptions?

No, the patient must be present to pick up a prescription.

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