Injection Therapy in Charleston, SC

Why Injection Therapy?

Therapeutic injections for pain management have proven to be a safe, effective method with lasting results. Most patients are able to avoid costly and risky surgeries by turning to injection therapy. Depending upon the symptoms, location of the pain, and the damage to the muscle, skeletal or nervous structures, there is an option for pain relief for nearly every patient.


When you come to Trident Pain Center, your team will evaluate your case based on  medical history, pain management goals, and diagnostic tests. The patient and team will decide together upon the best course of action.

Types of Injection Therapy



These injections target specific areas or groups of nerves, and stop those nerves from sending pain signals. This type of therapy is effective in cases in which nerves have become damaged or aggravated, or in which the damage to the area is creating chronic pain. Blocks are appropriate for alleviating acute pain. They allow the patient more freedom of movement to complete physical therapy, decrease the need for OTC medications, and may delay or eliminate the need for surgery.

Diagnostic Blocks


Neural blocks may also be used as part of a diagnostic plan, in order to pinpoint damage to the nerves and other structures. By selectively blocking specific nerve groups, the doctor is better able to pinpoint the source of chronic pain and narrow down the treatment area.

Sympathetic Blocks


In cases of complicated regional pain, in which the pain is less localized or seems to be coming from more than one area, sympathetic blocks allow for more effective implementation of other therapies, like counseling, physical therapy, and improved nutrition. By reducing non-localized pain, the patient is better able to participate in treatment.

Prognostic Blocks


Like diagnostic blocks, prognostic blocks are used to gather more information about the patient’s condition. Unlike diagnostic blocks, which are intended to pinpoint the source of pain, prognostic blocks are a sort of trial run, an opportunity for the patient and the medical team to test the effectiveness of a planned treatment or surgical procedure with less risk than actual surgery.

Prophylactic Blocks


Used post-surgery, these blocks reduce the pain following a surgery and during the healing process, allowing the patient to heal more comfortably and to be more active. They may be used to reduce hospitalization time and prevent chronic pain syndromes similar to “phantom limb” pain.

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