Infusion Therapy

About Infusion Therapy

Infusion therapy provides a regular dosage of medication targeted to a specific location to reduce or eliminate chronic pain. Trident Pain Center provides our patients with the very latest in pain control therapies, and we’re proud to include infusion therapy in our lineup of treatment options.





Infusion therapy delivers the medication directly to a specifically targeted area. Because of its direct delivery, the medication can begin working immediately, providing lasting relief that takes effect in minutes or hours of administration.

Is This Right for Me?


Infusion therapy is one of the treatments Trident Pain Center offers to our patients. When you come to your appointment, your medical team will evaluate your case based on your specific pain, your history, pain management goals, and diagnostic tests. You, as the patient, and your team will work together to choose the best options for your case.

What To Expect?


If you and your doctor decide that infusion therapy is right for you, you’ll schedule an outpatient appointment. Infusion therapy is administered during an office visit. Depending upon the medications being used, it may be necessary to monitor your cardiac and lung functioning throughout the administration. Some medications can begin to work in minutes or hours, and the effects can last for days to months.

Infusion Therapy as Part of a Pain Management Plan


This treatment may be extremely effective in many cases. It is an important part of an overall plan which may include medication management, physical therapy, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching, and counseling. It is important that each aspect of your care is integrated, to ensure the most effective treatment of your chronic pain. No single pain management plan works for every individual. Your medical team will work closely with you and your doctor to choose the best plan for your situation.

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