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Living with chronic pain affects every aspect of the sufferer’s life. Getting relief from chronic pain requires a multipronged approach that takes into account not only the physical causes of pain, but it’s effect on mobility, strength, ability to carry out day to day tasks, and mental health. A holistic approach to pain treatment provides the most efficient and effective treatment options for chronic pain patients. While it may not be possible to completely alleviate chronic pain, it can be managed and quality of life greatly increased with an approach that embraces every aspect of your life.

Pain Treatment EvaluationPain Treatment at Trident Pain Center

We begin your journey toward a better quality of life with a thorough exam and review of your medical history. We use imaging, tests, and diagnostic procedures to accurately diagnose the source of your pain. Once the source is determined, we can begin building a treatment plan that’s best for you. The plan may include treatment of the pain itself through medication, injections, or other therapies, and addressing the injury or weakness that’s causing the pain, as well as psychological counseling. A holistic approach offers the most effective response to your chronic pain.


Both over the counter and prescription medications may be appropriate in treating your pain. At the Trident Pain Center, we approach your pain from two sides- we attack the source of the pain and the cause of the pain. This means that we provide treatment to help strengthen the muscles that support critical joints and structures, as well as treating the pain directly at the source.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can help strengthen important muscle structures that support joints and the neck and back. Physical therapy can help improve strength, mobility, and range of motion, improving quality of life and reducing chronic pain. In conjunction with other therapies, physical therapy may provide lasting relief.

Psychological Counseling

Counseling services can help provide the support and motivation necessary to deal with chronic pain. Through psychological counseling, you can learn important coping skills and gain education that will help you navigate day to day life more easily and effectively. At Trident Pain Center, we use a multi-disciplinary approach to provide our patients with the best chance at living an improved, pain-free life. Call for your consultation today or fill out our online self referral form. 

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