Peripheral Nerve Blocks

How Can Peripheral Nerve Blocks Help You?

Peripheral nerve blocks are most commonly used to provide a local anesthetic for surgery. They are effective and have few potential side effects. As technology and medical knowledge advance, we have found ways to use peripheral nerve blocks for chronic pain control as well as for surgical applications. These blocks can be extremely effective in breaking the cycles of chronic pain and inflammation.Peripheral Nerve Blocks

How Peripheral Nerve Blocks Work

In order to treat severe chronic pain, medication is injected into the space surrounding the affected nerves. The sitesinjected depend upon the site of the pain. Most commonly, the median of the wrist, the ilioinguinal (groin) area, and sciatic or femoral nerve are the sites at which injections are given. The sites may be different depending upon the individual’s need and situation.

Types of Peripheral Nerve Blocks

Different medications may be injected to address different problems and symptoms. Your therapist will evaluate your case and determine an individual course of treatment that’s most effective for your specific situation. Some commonly injected medications include:

  • Steroids – to reduce the inflammation and irritation in the area surrounding a nerve, that may be contributing to the pain. In this way, the damage can be treated directly, helping to reduce the pain.
  • Local Anesthetic – Not only to provide temporary pain relief, local anesthetics break the chronic pain cycle and calm the overactive nerves that contribute to severe chronic pain.
  • Opioid Injections – Opioids are well known as effective pain treatment options. They provide short term relief and may also help break the chronic pain cycle.

Is a Peripheral Nerve Block Right for Me?

Peripheral nerve blocks are most effective for those suffering chronic pain following surgery, trauma, or nerve injuries. Your doctor can help you determine which course of treatment may be right for you. Contact Trident Pain Center today to learn more about your treatment options and to begin building a course of treatment to address your individual needs.

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