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Nearly every adult will suffer neck, back, or head pain at some point in their lives. The pain may be passing or chronic, and mild to severe. When pain is chronic, it can affect every aspect of our lives, having a social, financial, and psychological impact. The team at Trident Pain Center understands the difficulties of living with chronic and severe pain. We work to develop an individualized plan for addressing your pain with a variety of treatment options.

Medication for Pain Control

Many medications are available for effective pain control. Choosing the correct medication for your particular challenge, however, takes a thorough understanding of your history, diagnosis, and situation. Our team will gather your relevant medical history and discuss your experiences and goals. We will be sure you’re prescribed the appropriate type of medication, and that you understand its use. We will also discuss options like targeted injections and Sphenocath treatment.


Targeted massage can be an extremely effective method of pain control. Certain conditions may be addressed with physical therapy. Massage helps to loosen the muscles and release tension, reducing pain and stiffness. Massage can be used for pain relief alone or for pain relief and increased mobility to facilitate physical therapy. Our massage therapists are trained in deep tissue and neuromuscular massage.


Chronic pain is a challenging burden which may lead to depression. Psychological counseling can help reduce depression as well as provide emotional support and behavioral training. It can help you improve interpersonal relationships, optimize your daily functioning, and even help you reduce your dependence upon medications.

Trident Pain Center – Charleston, SC

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